Thank you for visiting! At Colorado Guitar Tech our aim is to become your partner in your musical endeavors by keeping your instrument in its optimum playable condition.

We offer affordable and efficient setup and repair work for your acoustic and electric guitars.

As your partner, we will always look for ways to save you money without compromising the quality of our service.

Guitar Setup

Guitar Setups

Our professional setup will get your instrument in its optimal playing condition. We will perform a comprehensive inspection of your guitar's condition and playability in addition to making any necessary adjustments and maintenance including:

  • New Strings
  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Action Adjustment
  • Tuning & Intonation
  • Bridge/tremolo adjustment
  • Cleaning, polishing & detailing
  • And more...
Guitar Repair

Add-On Services / Guitar repairs

Occasionally, there are issues with an instrument affecting its playability that can’t be addressed in a typical setup. Additionally, you may want to make a modification to your instrument. We can do whatever work you need to repair or modify your instrument. Such work may include:

  • Change string sizes
  • Replace pickups
  • Level/dress frets
  • Block a tremolo bridge
  • Replace a nut
  • And more...
  • Please call to email to make an appointment.